Grace & Law: in the Bible

by Ewald Seidel
Pub. 2013.

What has society lost when it becomes increasingly lawless? Ethics and morality need a foundation in some kind of law. Are we free to formulate our laws to accommodate to changing times? Or, is there a law that is timeless; one that is foundational for all laws everywhere?

For people who accept the existence of God as Creator, there has to be the recognition that he is sovereign over all things, all people, for all time, and knows the best path through life for human beings. What’s more, he has made every provision for people to experience it. His laws, and the grace by which he offers his goodness, are inextricable related. Our task is to understand that relationship correctly. This book seeks to help people in their journey towards that understanding.

Law and Grace - Book for Sale

One Youth Pastor from South Australia writes about our book “Grace and Law: in the Bible”.

I have started reading it on loan from the Bible College of South Australia and fell in love with it and would like a copy myself.… it really is such a great book about law and grace and how the two come together perfectly in Jesus. It's simple, thorough and very helpful. I have been very blessed reading through it.

Luke Dahlenburg

Youth Pastor
Church Paravista, SA

Ewald Seidel is an ordained pastor, a former missionary, and has lectured in Christian Universities, Theological Seminaries, and Bible Institutes in the Russian Federation, Ukraine, and Armenia.

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“I wanted to let you know how TREMENDOUSLY I have enjoyed the copy of Grace & Law my daughter-in-law bought on my behalf. For years I had read about it but it was indeed extra special! Your having TAUGHT it meant it is very comprehensible for everyone – and breaks a lot of new ground for many. Thank you." - Margaret Turnbull