Bird’s-eye view

What are we talking about when we say we need a bird’s-eye view of a particular situation? Well, that’s not too hard to imagine. It’s the view a bird gets of the ground below when it is flying high. This view puts everything below into far better perspective than looking at the various features from ground level or even ... Continue reading


Servant of the Lord

Servant of the Lord (52:13—53:12) Good Friday Message Introduction Most Christians are familiar with this passage in Isaiah. We often read it at Communion time. We certainly turn to it at Easter time. But, how familiar are we with the context of this passage? To understand it correctly we have to imagine ourselves as Jews who hav... Continue reading


A Dilemma Facing Australia

A dilemma facing Australia? Australia Day is usually a time to celebrate our national birthday, revisit our national identity, and honour those who have contributed to our society and nation. This year, the government honoured the former Army Chief of Staff, General Morrison with the title of ‘Australian of the Year’. This ... Continue reading

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Towards Christian Maturity

“Maturity is when your world opens up and you realize that you are not the centre of it.” ― M.J. Croan. Path to Christian Maturity Introduction Life takes us through various stages. It begins with that lovely innocent stage of babyhood, completely dependent on parents. All that baby needs is milk, and lots of love and atte... Continue reading


2 Коринфянам 10:1–11:15 — (5)

Понимая, что проблема с безнравственным обидчиком из коринфской церкви разрешена, Павел обнаруживает новую проблему. На этот раз она касается влияния лжеапостолов, появившихся среди них. До этого времени, они вели себя довольно тихо, но когда истинная проблема разрешилась и они почувствовали, что, вероятно, в церкви снова будет принята ... Continue reading


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