A Marriage Made in Heaven

When a girl meets a young man she falls in love with, the ultimate relationship she dreams about, is marriage. It is a relationship in which a couple gives themself to each other in the fullest and most inti-mate way. No bond can compare to this relationship. It is beautiful, deep, natural, and life-enriching. But in spite of God inten... Continue reading


Style Over Substance

Image creation Two young people face the final interview by a panel of a large IT firm. "X", a quietly spoken young man who had already shown considerable knowledge in his field, and "Y", a young woman who impressed several of the panel with her looks and her use of contemporary IT jargon―used to cover her lack of real knowledge. Which o... Continue reading


Fantastic Beginnings

The beginnings of Orthodoxy and the coming of Evangelical Christianity Prince Vladimir of Kiev summoned his envoys: "It's time to give up our paganism. Our neighbours have adopted monotheism of one kind or another. We too must have a religion that will help us unify the States and help us build a better civilisation. I want you to go to ... Continue reading


God visits the Russian Aristocracy

Beautiful St Petersburg, gem of the north, was for many years the capital of Russia and the home of the Tsars. Its grand palaces and stately buildings testify to a time when this city was the hub of all that was the finest, grandest and most civilised in all of Russia. Here Russian aristocrats mixed with western European upper classes in ... Continue reading



The Church as evidence…

I remember buying a vacuum cleaner on the basis of advertisements praising its capabilities. I gave up on it after using it a few times. It was noisy, not easy to handle, and difficult to empty and maintain. The quality of anything depends on how well it fulfils its purpose. Why should this be less so for the Christian Church? Over the y... Continue reading