Passion & Knowledge

Introduction A number of years ago we camped on a beautiful site in the National Park at Jarvis Bay in New South Wales. Not long before us, several environmental groups had camped there protesting against the way people abuse the environment. After they left, the park rangers, who are usually very environmentally conscious complained t... Continue reading


When Foundations Crumble

Introduction We all know that when the foundations of a house are suspect, it’s useless trying to do major renovations on the house until the problem of the foundations is resolved. The same is true with society as a whole, and it is certainly true when it comes to the Christian Church in general. Satan always works at underminin... Continue reading


The Key to Knowledge-Knowing God Ex. 33:18–20 & Colossians 1:28-2:3

What kind of knowledge? How much does knowledge matter for Christians? In a survey done among Christian churches across this country, and across various denominations some years ago, if I remember the figures correctly, something like 27% of church members claimed that they read their Bibles regularly. The obvious question then is, whe... Continue reading


Whose Reputation

Introduction “Child sexual abuse perpetrated by priests appears to have a long history within Christianity, and is especially associated with the Roman Catholic Church, due to a number of high profile scandals which have come to light in recent decades. “Many of these scandals relate to molestations committed decades ago, ... Continue reading



An Incredible Salvation

Introduction The apostle Paul was preparing to go to Rome, and then onto Spain. Although the Christians in Rome had heard about him, they had never met him, or knew much about him. Different stories had been circulating about him and what he preached. Some Jews regarded him a heretic; others, who had become believers in Jesus Christ, s... Continue reading