CDA Update October

Two worldviews Is it possible to understand things differently? A teacher said to Johnny when he returned to school the next day: “You missed school yesterday, didn’t you?’ to which Johnny replied, “Not very much!” Position 1 is seeing things from our own perspective; position 2 is looking at the situation... Continue reading

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Interesting Changes!

How sad! When we came back from a recent trip to Sydney, visiting some multi-ethnic churches and talking to their pastors, we came to realise that our project was in line with what some pastors see as the future of Christian churches in an increasingly multi-cultural society, i.e. working toward multi-ethnic congrega-tions. How else can ... READ MORE

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Dangerous nationalism

Dangerous nationalism It is true that corruption exists to a greater or lesser extent in every society. That’s the effects of sin in a world that has largely rejected a holy Creator God. Muslim extremists hate the West because they claim it is ‘corrupt’. Communist leaders or neo-Communist leaders such as those in Russia... READ MORE

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Our Ministry widens in 2015

A new and exciting opportunity! The build-up Throughout 2014 the Mandarinspeaking congregation, that used to meet at the Mitcham Baptist Church, asked me (Ewald) to teach their young people. By the end of the year both the main Mandarin-speaking congregation and the young people had outgrown the facilities that were available to them. ... READ MORE

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Archbishop doubts God

ARCHBISHOP DOUBTS GOD HERALDSUN.COM.AU, Friday, September 19 2014 “The Archbishop of Canterbury has admitted he struggles with doubt about the existence of God. “The Most Reverend Justin Welby said he wrestles with disbelief — most recently while out on his morning jog. “He also acknowledged that Christians hav... READ MORE

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